Partner API

The Partner API allows you to quickly access public store ratings/reviews of Fera accounts.


Use your partner API key which can be found in your Partner Dashboard.

This can be included as the Api-Key header or api_key parameter.

Specifying The Store

For any parameters that are specific to a store, you must include the domain parameter which is the domain of the store.

If you know the store's public API key or fera store ID then those can also be used via the store_public_key and store_id parameters respectively instead of the domain parameters.

Product, Customer and Order IDs

Whenever the API requests a product, customer or order ID then Fera accepts either:

  • The Fera ID (always begins with 'f' like fpro_123ABC)

  • The external ID (can be anything)

    • This is usually the store's object ID.

    • For example, if it's a Shopify product then this is the Shopify.

Fera IDs always start with 'f' and are globally unique. That's why they're interchangeable with external (store) IDs.

Rate Limits

The rate limit for partners is 60 requests per minute (approximately 1 request per second).

If you need to make requests more often please let our team know.

Response and Request Formats

Please see the Developer API Reference for the private API. This API follows the same structure for responses and requests.

The Partner API is different than our store private API. View our developer docs here for the full API reference.

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